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Learn more about CEDI's story and goals.


  • A burning issue as enforced disappearance persists on all continents

  • Limited and uncoordinated response from relevant actors

  • Need to raise awareness in most countries on what ED is, its scope and effects

  • Insufficient number of States parties to the Convention and general need to strengthen implementation and legal frameworks

  • Need to renew momentum and enhance advocacy initiatives to pressure for change

  • Need to strengthen coordination amongst all actors involved

Our goal

The eradication of enforced disappearance will result from much broader ratification of the Convention, to be supported by concerted efforts for its effective implementation. Our goal is to contribute to the universal ratification and implementation of the Convention by bringing all relevant actors together.

Our approach

  • Multi-actor 

  • Facilitation of exchanges and coordination of joint efforts

  • Concerted strategies and participatory process

  • Action-oriented

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